1,000 Visitors In One Month

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Introduction and Helpful Reminders
(Skip ahead to Part 1 if you want to get right into the guide)
Targeted traffic is the life source for any business; without it you have barely any business or no
business at all. Without targeted traffic the business ceases to exist. It’s not that you’re in the “wrong”
niche or you don’t have enough traffic that some people don’t succeed- it’s that they don’t have
targeted traffic coming to their site.
|Sidenote: You can have 5 targeted buyers coming to your site and that might be all the business you
need for a week or even a month (if you’re offering high end services or products though). Afterall 5
targeted buyers in a month is better than a flood of 500 non buying, untargeted traffic in a day.| There
are people right now searching for the very thing you are selling as a product or offering as a service.
They just need to find you.
This guide shows you how to get 1000 (or more) free targeted visitors in about a month in a relatively
simple manner. By simple I mean the work required is less work than other methods to gain 1000
targeted visitors in one month. This is not a no work system or a push button system.
There’s really no method that does not come with its fare share of work, thankfully this method requires
less work than others and involves social bookmarking and/ or article marketing and/ or forum
commenting. (This is not a comprehensive guide to all of those methods) It may seem like a lot of work
for a beginner to Internet marketing but it’s worth it. A couple hours a day will show results and after a
while all that work will pay off and seem less like “work.”
Before you do any work you’re going to have to outline a step by step plan for taking your site from
zero visitors to one thousand visitors per month in 30 days. That’s not a small task but once you get
going you build up momentum, once you start taking action it’s hard to stop taking action. But you
need to start out small and then go from there so you don’t try to do too much.
Though, this is not How To generate thousand general visitors. You don’t want just anyone and
everyone coming to your site. Untargeted visitors are not the most valuable to you as a business owner
and in fact you want to even be selective about the type of people who visit your site as even sites that
have mass appeal or not right for everyone.
You want targeted visitors and you want to get your targeted traffic flowing in the smartest and most
simple way possible. Think about your customers. What problem do they have/ What solutions are they
seeking? How much income do they make per year? How old are they? What are their interests? Start
to think about your targeted visitors so you can work smarter not harder.
Anyone can do this and follow along with the outlined plan in this report (or your modified plan that
suits your needs), but unfortunately few people take the necessary action to achieve getting those 1000
visitors per month (the common excuses pop up: it requires too much work, I’ll do it later, etc…). How
effective this will be is up to your action steps you take everyday.
It’s been said before but very important to remember and understand this…
All traffic is not equal.
Here’s why.
1,000 people coming to your website from your from you’re a targeted keyword search result is not the
same as 1,000 people visiting your website from a traffic exchange or some other unrelated source.
Neither of those are the same as 1000 people coming to your website having searched for a solution to
a problem they have and seeing your website or blog as the one that has the answer.
There are a lot of ways to generate traffic, and you should only rely on one, don’t put your eggs all in
one basket. Test everything and learn for yourself which kinds of traffic make them the best returns on
your time and sometimes money.
Though, few people will argue that organic traffic from highly relevant search keywords can be beaten
in terms of monetary return per visitor. While it may be true that traffic available through other sources
like social media, buying various sources of media, and other forms of online advertising provide
vastly greater volume of potential traffic than search engine traffic search traffic is still the best source
of free targeted traffic.
More importantly, when your site is brand new, organic traffic is the most important type of traffic. It
allows you to test your monetization method easily, and start seeing profits as quickly as possible.
For these reasons, traffic from search engines through article marketing and social bookmarking sites
will be the main focus of this report. But before we do any of that we need to do some keyword
research first.
Part 1: Keyword Research
If you’re looking for a way to increase to your traffic within a short period of time the first thing you
should do is focus on low competition keywords can increase your traffic as long as you submit articles
to Ezine with your keywords throughout the article.
The great thing about article marketing and social bookmarking is that no matter what niche you’re in,
there are always a huge number of long tail keywords you can use to bring traffic to your site with
some pretty basic search engine optimization techniques. First we need to perform some keyword
research to find those long tail keywords that will bring in targeted visitors.
The best way to do keyword research is with the Adwords Keyword Tool:
Type in the main keyword for your niche. How do you find that keyword? If your niche is dog training,
you’d enter not dog training but “stop dog barking” or “puppy house training” or some other bad
behavior you’d want to eliminate or prevent when you have a dog. You want to type in long tail
keywords as those are not only easier keywords to rank for but they also provided more targeted
visitors to your product or service.
You’ll get a long list of keywords related to these keywords. Your goal is to pick some keywords from
this list so you can create some content around them and get easily ranked in the search engines.
You want to pick some words that have between 500 and 5,000 searches per month. These are
guidelines and general rules of thumb- not absolutes. Feel free to target less or more searches per
Once you’ve picked a low competition keyword you think you wan to target click on the link at the top
called “advertiser competition” twice, so it sorts that list with the less competitive keywords at the top
and more competitive keywords at the bottom so you won’t have to waste time filtering through
competition rankings.