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Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 1/2 The Time
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What have you found to be the best ways to advertise your ezine?
I reveal all in my Marketing Handbook. 🙂
I will tell you this though….
I’ve made it as easy as possible for someone to spread the message about me and my
newsletter, and compensate them really well for it.
This little strategy sky rocketed my site into the top 2,000 most visited at one point.
Right now I’m ranked 3,781.
Advice you have for someone who is trying to start a new ezine?
My advice to anyone just starting out is to figure out what you enjoy doing, and make
sure that the topic you will write about is something you are passionate about.
But most importantly, make sure that others are seeking the knowledge that you’re
about to share. Find the market first, and then write. Don’t write and then find a
market because you’ll be wasting your time.
Don’t be afraid to start, because the longer you wait, the further away you will be from
achieving your goals. Be sure to do your research for weeks if you have to. It’s better to
be prepared, rather then spending months creating content which others may not even
Always keep in mind the following…
Figure out what you will write about.
Figure out how you can help others with your advice.
What type of information would your subscribers pay to get their hands on, and why?
(Be sure to hit those hot buttons in your endorsements to your subscribers)
Be sure you have a reliable autoresponder service, this way you can rest assured that
your list will be properly managed.
Make sure the service you choose meets all of the following criteria.
• Provides Unlimited Autoresponders
• Easy list management
• Provides Unlimited Follow Ups
• Lets you manage your list, no matter how big it gets!
My number 1 recommendation for an autoresponder service is
Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 1/2 The Time
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Luckily, my Wealthy Secrets subscribers get access to this service free of charge,
without putting up with the installations costs, or headaches.
Don’t be afraid to fail, because failure will eventually lead you to success.
I’ve failed over and over again, and that’s why I succeed. –Michael Jordan
If the world’s best basketball player ( in my opinion ) lives by this philosophy, why
shouldn’t you?
Your Partner,
Carlos Garcia
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Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 1/2 The Time
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Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 1/2 The Time
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Bryan Winters
My name is Bryan Winters, owner of,, as well as a few other Internet marketing related web-sites.
This is what I do “full time”, and I very much enjoy it. There are very few other income
opportunities that offer the potential income and freedom of an online business!
Ezine Page:
Approx # of subscribers:
—–(Tens of thousands.)
How long did it take you to gain that many subscribers?
—–It took me about a year to reach 20,000 subscribers.
If you were to start over now, how long would it take to gain that many
—–If my focus were entirely on list building, probably 3-4 months or less.
How important do you think it is to have an ezine?
—–Extremely! A very large percentage of my business, and my membership base has
come *through* my email publication.
What are things that have successfully helped to build your ezine?
—–It’s a combination of factors. Running an affiliate program helps bring a great deal
of my traffic, which in turn produces subscribers for me through a one-time pop up
window prompting visitors to subscribe.
I also use co-registration services such as and
Further, I have a web page dedicated to my newsletter that I advertise.
You can take a look at it here:
Build A Profit Pulling Ezine In 1/2 The Time
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…As you can see it’s very simple. But it’s also very effective. I give away an *exclusive*
free report as a bonus for subscribing. I advertise the page through ezine top sponsor
and solo ads, as well as pay-per-click and traditional search engines. Basically anywhere
I can.
What are things that you have tried that have not helped?
—–Hmm, well I haven’t used these with the specific intention of building my list, but
FFA’s, untargeted traffic exchanges, safelists, and ad blasters never work for much of
anything (except soaking up precious time) from my experience.