3 Steps To Newbies Success

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Chapter 1: Introduction
I want to start out by telling you that this “Internet Thing” really isn’t that tough, once you
figure it out. Hang in there, apply what you learn and you will become successful.
I also want to give full disclosure…
I am NOT an Internet Guru. I don’t live in a million dollar house and have fancy sports
cars. I’m not even earning a full time income from my Internet activities.
I’m pretty sure I’ve found all the ways to fail, and now I’ve found the way to succeed.
This report will show you the simple 3-Step System to succeeding on the Internet. If
you’ve been struggling to make your Internet business work for you, then this book will
show you the path to follow.
I also want to tell you that I’m not going to guarantee anything. I don’t know you or your
situation, your skills or your talents. What might work for me, may or may not work for
What I am going to tell you, however, is that if you follow these simple steps in this
system, you should be well on your way to becoming a success on the Internet.
3 Steps To Newbie Success
© 2008 Charles Burleigh
3 Steps To Newbie Success
© 2008 Charles Burleigh
Chapter 2: Step 1 – The Tools
Without the proper tools you will not succeed in your
Internet business ventures. That’s a guarantee!
A carpenter can’t build a house without a hammer and
nails. It’s just that simple.
If you don’t acquire the proper tools for your Internet
marketing business, you’re not going to succeed.
So, what tools do you need?
Tool #1 – A Website…
You may have heard it before, but until you get your own web site, you will not have
very much success with your marketing efforts.
The number one reason you need to get your own web site is so you can brand
yourself. Branding allows you to become known around the Internet. It gives you a
unique personality on the Internet and sets you apart from the millions of others out
Another big reason you want a web site of your own is so you can control the content.
When you start to run your blog you want to be able to advertise products on it. Many
of the free blog solutions do not allow you to do any sort of advertising. There have
been many marketers who have lost their blogs on a free blog site due to violation of